Our inspiration comes from the beauty of nature.
Dating back 237 million years.


237 million years ago a complex tropical coral environment began rising up out of the sea: it was the geological beginnings of the Dolomites.

Over the centuries, the Dolomites have developed into an extraordinary ecosystem that is home to some highly specialised floral species which have evolved to survive the constantly changing climate. These species come together to make a vast “medicinal garden” that is our source of inspiration.

Our cosmetics are our way of taking some of the “vitality” of these beautiful natural surroundings and injecting it into our everyday lives. They are named after the elements we find in the Dolomites and contain locally sourced active ingredients to provide balance and protection for the skin.

At Dolomia we study and grow plants from the Dolomites, turning them into products for people who believe in natural beauty in an ongoing dialogue with their body.


We strongly believe that our personal wellbeing is closely connected with our respect for the world we live in. That is why we support our local area and the people who live there and strive to make our production processes as sustainable as possible.

At DOLOMIA we constantly monitor the impact our skincare production chain has on the environment, conforming to international EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) certification.

We believe that the purity and balance of nature are reflected in female beauty and harmony. That is why we support projects for women undergoing cancer therapy, such as “La Forza e il Sorriso” (Strength and Smile).

We also work closely with local businesses and individuals who help us develop and tend the plants in our medicinal gardens.

We support cultural projects and look after the “Giardino delle rose antiche” (Ancient Rose Garden) at the Ethnographic Museum of the Dolomites.