Responsibility starts with a close, attentive relationship with your environment.


DOLOMIA was created in 2001, taking the natural resources of the Dolomites and combining them with Unifarco’s experience in the cosmetics sector that spans over thirty years. Our close ties with the Dolomite area and our experience in scientific research have enabled us to create local production synergy and grow our pharmacy network throughout Italy and Europe.

Dolomia was created by a group of pharmacists with a passion for botany and the Dolomites. Our cosmetics, which are sold exclusively in retail pharmacies, are the culmination of their studies and ongoing research. We have chosen this channel because the knowledge and professionalism of the pharmacist are the cornerstones of our identity.

A multidisciplinary team of researchers, pharmacists and botanists tend to and study a variety of native species in our medicinal plant gardens which are representative of the exceptional properties of the Dolomites. A network of laboratories and international research institutes of excellence work with the team to certify the quality and efficacy of our extracts.

We are located in the Belluno Dolomites National Park and this is our main source of inspiration and raw materials. We still have so much to learn from this beautiful natural environment. Our commitment to transferring the purity and balance of nature to the skin inspires us in our daily work.