About us

Founded in 2001 by Unifarco, Dolomia is situated in the foothills of the Belluno Dolomites National Park, an area renowned for its unspoiled natural beauty and fresh mountain air. It was this enchanting location that inspired Unifarco president Ernesto Riva to further develop his lifelong passion for botany through decades of studying the Dolomites’ native plants, in order to explore their unique cosmetic properties.

Riva’s dedication to the study of the local flora continues to this day and, along with his team of young botanists, he still cultivates and analyses the plants of the Dolomites, seeking to develop effective, innovative and natural ingredients that can be used in cosmetics production.

Dolomia’s goal is to make the most of the purity and equilibrium of nature, as reflected in the beauty and harmony of the female figure, a concept that inspired Dolomia’s founders to realize a range of treatments created with elements sourced from the majestic and enchanting Dolomites, a celebration of beauty as a universal value, and the natural beauty of women.